REAM Group s.r.o. has been established in 2014. Since its foundation, REAM Group s.r.o.  has expanded its activities from Prague to all major cities in the Czech Republic. REAM Group s.r.o. provides wide scope of services in asset management and benefits from profound knowledge of its partners and top management who have over 15 years of experience in asset management.


Prime goal of REAM Group s.r.o. is to offer professional high quality property services with a personal touch. We serve our clients with services on many aspects of the property and asset management. Our ‘hands on’ approach combines day-to-day management with long-term strategy to maximise the project’s capital value.


REAM Group s.r.o. has extensive experience in the management of offices and apartment buildings across the Czech Republic. We are able to offer set up advice and full asset management services consisting of property, facility, project and letting management on an on-going basis. We are confident that our knowledge in this area will provide benefits to investors, developers and asset owners. We can customize our services to meet individual requirements.

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